About Us

About Cherry on Top

We make our goods from scratch, with huge passion and dedication, using only fresh, natural and best quality ingredients. Our suppliers are local as we support local economy. We use only free range eggs and Irish butter, we don't use any powders, improvers or additives extending the shelf life of our bakes. So what you can expect from us is only fresh, natural taste.
Besides our cakes are homemade from scratch, they are handcrafted, what makes them unique in taste and look, and they satisfy every cake lover….
Our Pastry Chef and Cake Artist is an expert in baking cakes, pastries, and tarts that fill every soul who has penchant for sweet treats. He has a grand talent and taste in making mouth-watering fillings and toppings.
He is an artisan with a very high level of hand decorating skills, adorning his cakes with an unique touch. He focuses on flavour, freshness and design to get to the excellence and to fulfill every sweet appetite.
He has 27 years of experience in natural baking, confectionery and cake design. He has been baking since he was 16 years old and he believes that he was born for it...

Here, at Cherry on Top Bakery, we have prices for every budget, so don't hesitate to contact us! :)