About Cherry On Top

Add the topping of happiness to your celebration with us
Cherry on Top Bakery!
Cherry on Top Bakery is the Award-winning Home Bakery based in Mallow, Co. Cork, Ireland (formerly located on Turners Cross in Cork) and exists since 1st February 2021. We bring you country’s finest cakes and pastries made from scratch. With our fascination and craze for baking, we are committed to delivering Mallow and Cork’s class artisan cakes and other baked goods. We rely on old recipes for quality and taste but at the same time we follow global confectionery trends in natural baking. We are local orientated but we also love ideas from the rest of the world.
The bakery is traditionally engaged in providing you with different kinds of ideas and executions on special handmade and hand decorated cakes, pastries, donuts and biscuits. With passionate interest in baking and decorating, we prepare these luscious items with natural ingredients and fresh creams along with amazing hand touch toppings. We mix, knead, and blend different flavours of natural ingredients with hygiene and quality as the utmost priority. Our products are a combination of an artistic appearance and delicious taste.
Cherry on Top Bakery is involved in baking for events and ceremonies like Birthdays, Communions, Weddings, Corporate parties and events, all other Ceremonies and also provides essential supply to Cafes and Shops in the area.
We are here to lead your requirements with some of the best and amazing cakes, also Vegan if requested. Quality is our pride and we make sure to fulfil your expectations with extravagance.
Our services include Curbside pickup or Delivery. Made to order only. Please check our MENU before ordering :)
We are HSE Certified.
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Range of products

We do home delivery also so you don't have to leave your home to get a cake! :)

(Delivery or pick up available from Tuesdays to Saturdays)

Delivery fees:

0-3 km

Tuesday - Saturday

Min order €30

delivery €3

3-15 km

Tuesday - Saturday

Min order €40
delivery €7

15-35 km

Thursday - Saturday

Min order €50
delivery €10

35-45 km

Friday - Saturday

Min order €70
delivery €15

Please check our MENU Page for details of what we offer you. Check our FB or Instagram page for more :)

Orders over €200 are free of delivery fee to the above-mentioned areas.
All orders must be fully paid UP TO TWO DAYS prior to date. To secure your order, a nonrefundable half price deposit needs to be paid at ordering (If given at least 3 days notice the order can be moved to another date). We take Online payments, alternatively on Delivery/Collection by Cash. We cannot accept liability for any damage caused to your cake after it has left our premises.

To ensure our availability please BOOK EARLY! To maintain the quality of our cakes we can only make a limited number of them.

Look at some photos of our cakes. You can find more on our FB and Instagram page.